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Our philosophy

The original meaning of the word Parola is the given word, in wider sense honesty and reliability. It is this value that represents the corner-stone for our family enterprise, on which we are building and the most important proof of which is the more than a quarter century long continuous development of our company, the stable circle of clients and our significant expansions.

We are proud of having contracted our first clients in 1991 and we can work with them till today in complete satisfaction.

Our main guiding principles are effectiveness and maximum profit, engineering precision and simple functioning, which are well reflected by our industrial branch solutions of progressive view.

About us

It is since 25 years now that our company is active on the Hungarian informatics market with success by developing and supporting our cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP System) of highest quality.

Our highly educated expert group puts into practice such closed informatics systems, which allow our clients to function a reliable factory management that can be controlled in every point. After having spent several years in the profession in Japan our establisher introduced into Hungary the most up-to-date technology and safety prescriptions with our systems.

Beside serving the needs of the market great emphasis is given in our programs to putting into practice the innovative solutions and to equilibration of legal adequacy. In our Budapest and Debrecen bureaus high degree qualified monetary-accounting colleges are helping both the all-day work of programming and the economic and monetary workers of our clients in use of our systems.

Our products

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Company Management System
General modules: managing of permanent and daily orders, delivery organization, printing of delivery documents, paper based and digital invoicing
Accounting modules: outstanding handling with bank connection, handling of delivery invoices, finances, ledger and assets.
Production managing modules: handling of recipes, production management by recipe computer, nourishing value calculation, product sheet making, handling of technological information.
Important characteristics: anywhere usable, installable within 5 Minutes, Excel export functions at every tables.

Sport Card Membership system
Overall management of the membership of organizations with high membership number, automated bank card membership payment module, automated electronical invoicing, connection to ledger and the financial system.

Budapest bureau
1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán str. 12-14. 2. floor 2B-300
+36 1 208 06 52
Debrecen bureau
4034 Debrecen, Vágóhíd St. 2. building I
+36 20 504 17 48